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Bad MMORPG'ers Suck [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

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Mod note [Sep. 29th, 2010|11:28 pm]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

The spammer that hit us has been hitting a ton of other communities - I've removed the posting and marked it as spam. If you see a spam message here that I don't catch right away, feel free to message me about it.

That is all.
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Crab Spider is crabby. [Jun. 21st, 2009|01:18 am]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

How to turn your Challenge Level up to 6: team up with the clueless.

Brutes may not be as tanky as Tankers are, but they're still a better choice to lead the way than a Crab Spider. My Crab has only one hold and it generates a lot of aggro. She is not a Controller. She has only one melee attack. She is not a crowd surfer. The Brute goes in front of the Crab Spider, please.

This particular Brute spent most of his time out of endurance so I'm guessing he never took the Fitness pool. There are very few builds that can get away with skipping Fitness and his is not one of them.

I'm still trying to figure out how he aggroed every single Communications Officer in the mission, spawning the maximum number of summoned reinforcements, yet didn't kill enough enemies for it to look like anything but a freshly started mission. I'd always assumed there was a maximum spawn from those Portals but never gotten confirmation before. I also learned that, once the Portal vomits out the maximum number of reinforcements, a CO will not create another one. This was helpful because the Brute didn't single the CO's out for a quick death, nor did he pull off any of the summoned minions who decided to attack my Crab.

So thank you, Rikti Communications Officers of the "Avenge Starr" mission, for helping me out more than my teammate did.
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For the Aion beta players [Jun. 21st, 2009|12:09 am]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

[Current Music |Lisa Kelly - Dubhdarra]

Okay, I know the game is new and shiny and you're all excited you can play in a beta for Aion. I get that, I really do.

But for the love of Atreia, would you please stop killstealing my targets? I know there is a limited amount of time in which to play during the beta events, and everyone is doing the same set of quests - but the monsters respawn in approximately 20 seconds. Wait your fucking turn and stop trying to get the drops from my targets.
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I'll admit my partner was lagged... [May. 8th, 2009|08:03 pm]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

...I'll also admit we weren't level pacted. (City of Heroes/Villains allows characters to equally split their XP at all times, even if one isn't playing along.) It doesn't seem like a good idea when I play so much more and he's very new to the game. Doesn't need to be gaining levels from my work and will freely agree with that.

But...person who asked to join us? I told you to wait until the full team was there. I patiently explained to you what was taking so long for him to get there. Then you went and aggroed half the fucking mission.

As a Stalker. Mr. Squishy McSquishenpants.

With me as a Mastermind who hasn't summoned any godsdamned pets yet.

Then, after friend and I both dropped team - him to reboot in hopes it would help with the lag - you send me a blind invite and follow up my declining with a tell saying, "a want team"?

Dude. At least learn to put your words in the right order.

Also, didn't look at the guy's badges before doing a global ignore, but how much does anyone want to bet that he's short on Veteran Rewards?
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Am I expecting too much? [Apr. 16th, 2009|10:44 pm]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

Other Person: Want a team?
Me: Yes please, just need to leave mish.
I leave the mish.
Me: ready
Other Person: Sorry, we just filled, but you're first on my list to see if you need team if someone drops out.
I re-enter mish. I start killing things.
Other Person: Still need team?
Me: Yeah, but bet you'll fill again before I get out again.
OP: Nah, bet I won't.

Me, inside my head: Yanno, the answer I was looking for was, "No, this spot is yours. I said I'd add you next, didn't I?"
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Dear Stalker, [Mar. 15th, 2009|11:12 pm]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

I don't care how much you're about to wet your pants because you just got Recall Ally. As teammates pointed out, you're not going to save anyone's life by TP'ing him/her away from the mobs at the last second unless you're way far away.

Your job is to sneak around, then flip out and kill people. Note that last part. The killing people is very important - more important than stealthing your way to the mission objective, especially when we're trying to farm a bank mission. The key part of farming is to kill many mobs while not ending the mission. The mission objective ends the mission, in case you weren't clear on that.

Also, I'd like to note there were three Corruptors, at least two of whom could heal, and one of them was me. Thee were two deaths total: one when I got involuntarily tabbed out by an IM window popping up, and one when I went on bio break.

No love,
Electric Play
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CoX twofer [Feb. 10th, 2009|10:38 pm]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

Dear hero,

When the team leader tells you to stay by the obelisk, where he teleported you, you stay by the obelisk. I would think it wasn't that hard, especially when there's a great deal of fiery death not too far from the obelisk and you kept running into it.

And when he says to click on the obelisk at the count of three? You go up to the obelisk. You put the cursor over and if you get close enough there's this blue hand icon. When he says three, you click. And magical things happen. Things that let us finish the damn trial before time runs out.

Do I really want to know how you got to 50 without learning these things?


Dear villain,

Many teams get by without a healer in this game, especially on redside. If I'd been the team leader, I would have punted you for repeatedly whining for one every time the team didn't have one. And if you'd still been there during the bank mission, by some miracle, I would have punted you extra hard for saying that we needed more heals after the near-total wipe. It was not the "healer's" fault so many of us died when we got caught between a huge group and a huge ambush!

Also, declining a sidekick when you're sufficiently lower in level that you can barely hit and barely avoid death without massive healing? Extremely rude, unless the team says it's okay if you leech XP. Especially when our difficulty is maxed and we need team members to pull their damn weight.

No heals for either of you,
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"Hack" [Dec. 26th, 2008|08:10 am]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

A word to all the MMOers out there. Stop using the word 'hack' so freely and erringly already.

If you give your password to anyone either out of trust or idiocy, then there's no hacking going on. You gave out the key to your house, so you really have no right to complain when you get robbed clean of your pretty Sword Of Uberness+9 by the 'girl' that 'loved' you so much. Grow up, learn to not trust even your weapons, and stop saying you were hacked. You weren't hacked, just outsmarted, which isn't generally even a feat to be proud of in the online world. There's a reason why every fsking game out there has announcements reminding you not to give your password to anyone, even the GMs (who need only check the game's database to know it, anyhow,) and that is, to avoid having to hear the whining of those who get 'hacked' daily thanks to nothing but their own naivety.

Seriously, what good is it that you can "OMG pwn everyone in the server!" when some dude disguised as a chick waltz in, sweet-talks you for a bit, then leaves your character gearless when you go to sleep? Brains > PvPing skill, no kidding.
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Lineage 1 [Dec. 11th, 2008|11:44 am]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

If anyone here plays Lineage 1 or is just looking for a new MMORPG to play, you can feel free to try one that I help host.


Information on how to download and install and how to put the I.P and everything is in there.

If you are from here you get a special bonus in game just find me, I'm DiWolfe in-game.
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I'm finally in another RP supergroup...time to get back into the suck! [Dec. 6th, 2008|12:18 am]
Bad MMORPG'ers Suck

I know City is a superhero game and that means "dying" lasts for maybe a week or two at most, but guys, don't you think you should discuss killing off characters before...y'know...you try to do it?

It would save a lot of swearing over the fact that one player's decided the kill-ee is immortal and you just realized that after the sole remaining member of your killing squad chases the little brat back to you explaining that the other two guys logged and a 12 Widow is not going to have a great chance against an irritated 30 Brute. I don't even have my happy fun mind powers yet!
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