goldfishmind (goldfishmind) wrote in bad_mmoers_suck,

DON'T fuck the sheep

Listen, asshole. I don't care how leet of a Warlock you claim to be, or where your guild is on Kazam, fankly I could care less if you were a fucking Dev. When the group (or worse, YOU) pick a raid marker for my sheep, DO NOT DOT IT. For that matter, don't send your pet after it, don't throw Raid of Fire on it or spam Shadowbolt on it. In fact, don't fucking touch the sheep. You AND your asshold Hunter guildy can both rot in hell and suck the aggro because I sheep twice, if it doesn't stick then it's your own damn fault.

And for that matter, if you're going to mark shit, mark it right. Don't have the mob that the healer has REPEATEDLY said needs to be either sheeped, seduced (we'll get to that later, bub) or just shitkicked by the tank ASAP because it kicks and aggros on th ehealer if it's not being tanked, be marked as a terciary target and therefore aggro on said healer onc eyour pet dies or loses aggro because it's jsut DPS tanking anyway.

For that matter, why in god's name are you using a Fel Guard when we could really use some more hard conrol? We've GOT DPS out the ass, we don't need a Fel Guard. What we need is a Succubis. And when I point this out, don't get all huffy and threaten to quit. And if you refuse the above, don't complain about getting killed a dozen times. And for that matter, don't try and passive-agressive throw guys onto the Mage by having the Hunter FD next to her. You both can go to hell while I go invisable, TYVM.

Rot in hell,

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