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Yeah, a "buffer" rant here. Nice subject for a first post? Dunno.

You may or may not know Flyff. You may or may not know how the 'healer' class in the game, Assist, can kick more arses than a Mercenary/Knight/Blade when it's about killing monsters.

Not more than a full Int mage, but I digress.

So, I have an Assist. Female assist. Almost full Int assist. Which makes my buff spells last for some ten minutes. And, I use a knuckle (weapon) and shield to lay waste onto monsters. I can even draw some aggro into myself (up to three monsters of my level) and watch'em tickle me before I grow bored and punch them out.

So yeah, kids out of other, different MMORPGs seem to have this funny idea that Healer Class = Party Ho/XP Leecher/Your Personal, Walking Medkit.

Two days ago, I was trying to complete a quest which involved gathering a quite annoyingly high ammount of items that randomly pop at a certain area of the map (Unknown IDs, that's what they're called) and it's somewhat related to a level 7 quest that has you gather a few of them.

Needless to say, you can be running around for one minute, or half an hour, to gather them. I got the n00b-packed time of the day (I consider newbie and n00b different things, with newbie being those new players one can almost always feel glad to have around,) so I ended up competing for the Unk IDs with six idiots. Channel-switching was an option, tho I discovered the other channels were equally packed with idiots.

So, one player walks up to me (stupid to do so, but whatever) and asks me for a buff "cuz I need to level." I politey say no (I always say no, only use buffs for others when I'm in a party, and I only party with friends I know won't go n00b-aggroing-boss monster on me,) so the thing asks why.

Three times in a row. You know, if a high level tells you "no" it means no.

"Because I'm not a FS assist." (Full Support)

"But u got buffs on urself."

And someone else fills in with "because she's a bitch and probably wants all the IDs for herself."

So, I was quite ready to snap and go Monk on them. Still, I didn't. "Yes, I'm doing a quest. And I'm not a party Assist, my buffs are so I can level without parties." Or try and get one or two IDs per minute. Out of the 30 I needed for the quest.

It was then that they started on the well-known n00b defense mechanism. Using their own, rich language that includes nice words like fag, cuntface, bitch, and other things that make me wonder if the Eminem CDs slipped into the CD player again without me noticing.

Another "high" level around, a mage who was doing the same quest as me, takes into defending me and explains why I'm running around (buffed up running, yeah, which helped me getting those IDs, yeah. The smart thing to do) but the kids are seemingly in elementary yet so proper English flies over their heads.

They also didn't seem to know what a "mage so many levels above you he could sneeze and kill you" is. I mean, I'm against PKing. Mostly because most monsters have a higher IQ than players in these games. But with all the slang and insults they spewed every three words, if that mage had gone angry and ice-bolted those n00bs down, I would've cheered. Hell, I'd have joined in.

But the whole point is, I'm quite tired of the kids that don't understand Assists don't have one only way to go, just like all other classes. We don't have to be party hoes and sit around watching big bad warriors take on monsters if we don't want to.

And damn it, I have one char of each class. Somehow low levels, but I still don't whine and bitch at Assists for buffs (even those that run around maps buffing everyone.) I even thank the unsolicited buffs, as they help... I've created around ten characters (and deleted them as they turned out to be failures for what I wanted to do with their classes,) and I've seldom used any buffs to get to anywhere near level 20 or 30.

But the players who becomre buff-addicts like that, make me sad. Because their reaction to a denial of buffs is the same a crackwhore would have when the pimp's not giving'em their daily dose.

Please, Flyff's the first game I can remember where playing a 'stat booster' class is fun. Why do they have to come and ruin it?

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