I'm not a writer, I'm a rewriter. (razorzknight) wrote in bad_mmoers_suck,
I'm not a writer, I'm a rewriter.

9Dragons n00bs win.

9Dragons is one of those hack'n'slash MMORPGs everyone loves *gets funny faces.* Well, at least I do. I've played my good share of these games, enough to know when NPCs tell you class A shouldn't use weapon B, they're often right (even when they're saying it in Korglish.)

Let me explain my pain:

In this game, there's several clans, and each clan uses two kinds of weapons out of the eight (I think there's eight,) melee weapons your character could use. Hence, all the melee skills for each of those clans are focused in those weapons. Using any other weapon would mean you wouldn't be able to use any melee skills. What about magicians, you ask? Magicians use their own kind of weapon (Bracers) and their skills are linked to that.

So, for example, the Sacred Flower Clan uses wheels and daggers as weapons. When I see a Flower-wannabe running around, swinging a polearm, I won't think "OMG that's cool," but "OMG RTFM!"

And there's enough of those in all clans, from what I've seen since I joined the game. Makes me sad so many kids can't read and/or don't have the patience to sit through a short, simple tutorial once.

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