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Wow, I've been looking for a community like this forever. It's amazing how much variety of communities cover just one subject. Anyways, I'm Brittany and I am six teens and my current obsession is Fiesta Online. A brief explanation of the game:

In Fiesta, the only race you can play is human (some of the NPCs are elves, however), and there are four classes: fighters, clerics (healers that can also damage an enemy really well), mages, and archers.

We've also got these things called Kingdom Quests. Some start up about every hour or so, and when a KQ says "recruiting", you can join it and it'll start after the recruiting time, or if 15 people are already gathered at that time. KQs need teamwork to conquer the final boss at the end. So, KQ newbies should very well pay attention to the more experienced ones, to prevent it from failing (as in, NOT luring a mob of enemies to the team).

The particular one I'm in is Mara Pirate's Rage. You walk along docks, fighting enemies and a "fake" Mara and "fake" Marlone half way to the ship.

This one happened to me just last night:

I'm a level 23 archer. Everything's going according to plan when until we get to the half way point with the fake Mara and fake Marlone. Usually the plan is to lure in one, defeat it, rest and let our HP and SP heal, then go for the other one. We finished off the fake Marlone easy, but most of the team was low on HP. So, Ms.Moonia, when you say "I'll lure!" and we yell "NOT YET!", please don't go ahead and do it..

We beat the fake Mara, but with some team members dead, including her, in which she was spamming "REZ PLZ" in the chat window.

At the ship, we then decided who would be most suitable for tanking. Usually, the tanker and fighters are up front in the action, with the clerics following behind healing the tanker and sometimes the fighters after an AoE attack (basically it attacks everything within a radis of it). The mages and archers, being low on defense, are stuck towards the back, to avoid the AoE attacks while leaving massive damage.

On the ship, there are several "Marlones" and several "Maras". Of 3 diffent ones of each, 1 of them is the real one. The real one is easy to tell because of the little logo showing the monster at the top. The "real" Mara has a blue symbol on her hat, and the "real" Marlone's picture is facing the other way from the fake ones.

Once again, Ms.Moonia decides to go about on her own and lure one...which ends up in her dragging a fake Marlone that sabotages the team. We managed to get him isolated to one side of the ship so we won't have to deal with him. While our clerics are trying their best to revive the fallen ones, Ms.Moonia goes and lures ANOTHER one (at least this one was the real one this time).

"Why the hell did you lure ANOTHER with us unprepared?!" I said.
"Hey, I lured one, okay?" she said.
"Yeah, with half our team DEAD and the living ones low on HP."

*shakes head* It was a miracle we actually succeeded in this KQ.

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