minus50dkp (minus50dkp) wrote in bad_mmoers_suck,

Two Tales of WoW

(Images are under lj-cut.)

A while back, my Priest and her permagroup partner were in a Ramps PUG when our Warlock let us in on a little secret...

Bumming around in Westfall with my little Shammy, I was treated to a lovely and brain-gouging conversation as one of our guild's Priests, a 35, asked for directions to Winterspring. She says she's just compelled to explore. Personally, I think it's because she gets inflated exploration XP for doing it.

Later, another guildie asked her if she ran naked for all this. Her response, which sadly I forgot to cap since I was in a bigger group at the time: "Ooh, there's an idea. Maybe it'll distract them!" She doesn't even realize that she's losing money in repairs while she gets all of this hyperinflated discovery XP that comes without any money at all attached.

And she's already started asking us for mount money.
Tags: world of warcraft

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