I'm not a writer, I'm a rewriter. (razorzknight) wrote in bad_mmoers_suck,
I'm not a writer, I'm a rewriter.


A word to all the MMOers out there. Stop using the word 'hack' so freely and erringly already.

If you give your password to anyone either out of trust or idiocy, then there's no hacking going on. You gave out the key to your house, so you really have no right to complain when you get robbed clean of your pretty Sword Of Uberness+9 by the 'girl' that 'loved' you so much. Grow up, learn to not trust even your weapons, and stop saying you were hacked. You weren't hacked, just outsmarted, which isn't generally even a feat to be proud of in the online world. There's a reason why every fsking game out there has announcements reminding you not to give your password to anyone, even the GMs (who need only check the game's database to know it, anyhow,) and that is, to avoid having to hear the whining of those who get 'hacked' daily thanks to nothing but their own naivety.

Seriously, what good is it that you can "OMG pwn everyone in the server!" when some dude disguised as a chick waltz in, sweet-talks you for a bit, then leaves your character gearless when you go to sleep? Brains > PvPing skill, no kidding.

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