Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote in bad_mmoers_suck,

why honesty is important and why me? I never do this to anyone.

This happened a long while ago, but it's always below the surface. Twitching.

Dear Sir:

I should not have lied to you that I was a girl to avoid awkwardness and I learned a valuable lesson about screaming 'I AM A MAN' from this among other honesties, however, that does not totally karma balance out to you SENDING ME PICTURES OF YOUR PENIS oh my god what.

And speaking as someone who actually does like the penis, you still totally failed to endear yourself to me. I thought it was a mutant glowing mushroom.

Just because my character looks good in a little skirt and heals you, does not mean she/I wants to see your gamma mushroom. Thank you.

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