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bad_mmoers_suck's Journal

Bad MMORPG'ers Suck
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All Members , Moderated
We're not affiliated with bad_rpers_suck, but that's where we got the inspiration. This community is for stories about miserable experiences in any MMO, whether RP-related, mechanics-related, or just plain stupidity.

The rules:
1. Be polite to other members.
2. Please be sure that what you're posting about really does suck. If, say, your understanding of the offending player's class is insufficient and they really aren't good at whatever you expected them to be good at, expect to have your mistake pointed out to you.
3. If you don't want the offender finding out and having a fit, blur out the name and/or friends-lock the entry. It isn't perfect, but it's something.
4. If you've been posted about, you may post your side of the story as long as you follow all of the rules in your response. Especially see 1, 5, and 6.
5. Don't beat dead horses. If it's already been said before and the other person's opinion has not been changed, it's time to drop the subject.
6. Don't violate TOS or post just to cause drama. Please.
7. If anyone seems to be causing drama, alert the mods. Their decision on what to do about the matter is final.
8. Don't use this as a platform to promote your guild/linkshell/supergroup/website/whatever. It's okay to mention it if it's relevant to the discussion, but no posts solely to promote and no slipping ads into your posts.
9. Write in English or your post will be deleted. Quotes from players and screencaps in other languages are okay, but please translate them. The mods are primarily English speakers so we generally have no way of knowing if you're on topic and following the rules in other languages.